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#13725402 Apr 07, 2018 at 09:12 PM
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Hi Kinnies!

On this thread, we would like to ask you guys to comment things you would like to do, specifically if possible, for events on weekends.
I plan to have a kinship auction coming up soon, but more so like Epic Battles, Roving Threats, or anything like that. Please be as specific as you can!

Paysonn, Kin-Leader
#13791001 Jun 10, 2018 at 09:42 AM
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Watching the events in the last couple of weeks. We have decided to make some changes on them to hopefully increase the activity.

There is 1 point we would like to know youre opinions on, And is the 1 point for us thats the most difficult to decide. Deu all the different time zones we would like you to ask wich time you would prefer to have a Kin event on. Pls Make sure you send us the time in EST time zone thats the server time. So if anyone wants to know how late it start you can type in '/servertime' and then you will now.

Ater we got most reactions we will decide on the times we got from you, if we pick 1 time thats in de middle of all the times we received or pick multiple times.

our goal is to do more with our kin together. and have much fun. :)

i have posted this on discord and mailed it in the kin, and you can react on either of them, and we will make a note of youre reaction.

thank you in advance for youre effort!
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