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EB Either Deeping wall 12man or Helms Dike 6man

Date: Mar 24, 2018
Time: 10:00 PM
Posted by: Jackoneal
Category: Raids
For those not interested in the RTs a group will be gathering for an Epic Battle! Paysonn will be leading this group. If there are enough people wanting to participate we will do Deeping wall 12 man. If less than 6 want to do it, we will do Helms Dike 6 man. Grouping will start around 10PM CST Saturday March 24th.
Tank (2)

1. Droogli Guardian

M. Renris Guardian

Damage (0)


Support (0)



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Only have one toon eligible for Deeping Wall (Renris, Guardian, learning how to tank), if it turns out that Roving Threats doesn't happen, or more are needed for the EB's. May have time to get others eligible, but Renris (main: Rolasphor) is the only definite right now.
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