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Manakeep 728x90

Roving Threats in the North Downs

Date: Mar 24, 2018
Time: 10:00 PM
Posted by: Jackoneal
Category: Raids
Saturday March 24th we will go through and get the roving threats of the North Downs! This event will be lead by myself, Jackoneal, I will have the spawn loc and hopefully we can get them all. Those wanting to participate, report to Tresstlebridge by 10PM CST March 24th.

There will also be an EB running concurrent with this event lead by Paysonn for those who are not interested in RTs
Tank (0)


Damage (3)

1. Jackoneal Hunter

2. Perrindor Burglar

M. comrea Warden

Support (1)

M. Abbein Rune-keeper



Can run heal or dmg as needed
Also don't need the roving threat too badly, so if there are others that need to go instead, I have no problem stepping out and doing the EB event instead.
Alrighty, I can do heal tank or dps. whichever we need.
I fit into the same boat as Jack, can support the group in an equal manner dependent on group needs.
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